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CommercialGifs.com is the premiere site for illustrators and artists to offer their original gifs to be licensed for commercial use and receive compensation for their work. 


CommercialGifs.com allows businesses, marketing agencies, and media organizations to license and download gifs for commercial use for a fixed price without paying perpetual royalties.                                                       




Most websites that have gifs allow downloading only for personal purposes – that means using those gifs for commercial purposes is not permitted. 
Commercial purposes include using gifs:
  • by companies for any reason;
  • in advertisements;
  • to promote a business or product on social media; and
  • any other corporate purpose.                                         


Using gifs without permission can subject companies to copyright infringement, which can carry a penalty under federal law of not less than $750 or more than $30,000 per violation. (17 U.S.C. § 504(c)).
That means one unauthorized gif on a business’s website, advertisement, social media and/or digital newsletter, etc. could subject a company to expensive litigation and monetary damages. 



CommercialGifs.com is the worry-free platform that enables companies to use gifs wherever they want for a small license fee. 
The gifs you see on this ‘About CommercialGifs.com’ page?  That’s right!  We licensed them for this commercial purpose 🙂






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